Dr. Adrian Tinsley Scholars Fund

The Dr. Adrian Tinsley Scholars Fund Scholarship was created in honor of Dr. Adrian Tinsley, president emerita, upon the occasion of her retirement following 13 years of extraordinary leadership. Dr. Tinsley is recognized for her expertise and commitment to professional development and the advancement of women in higher education. Awarded by the Provost in consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs, this scholarship benefits a current junior, female student who has clear ambition to attend graduate school and embark on a career in higher education as a member of the faculty or an administrator. The student will have demonstrated academic and/or co-curricular experiences and accomplishments, which will lead to a successful career path in higher education. The candidate for this award receives a scholarship toward tuition and fees for senior year.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you plan to work in the field of higher education as either a faculty member or a member of the administration?
  2. Describe your career objectives in the field of higher education as a faculty member or administrator and what led you to the career decision.
  3. Describe how your undergraduate experiences and achievements, both academic and co-curricular, will lead to your success in the field of higher education as a member of the faculty or an administrator (e.g., undergraduate research, honors program, study abroad, leadership positions).
  4. Describe in detail your plans for graduate study.
  5. Please request a letter of recommendation that speaks to the student's academic achievement and promise of professional growth in the field of higher education. Prior to entering this information, you should personally contact this individual to ask for a reference and to inform them to expect an email from Bridgewater State University. You are responsible for ensuring your letter of recommendation is submitted by the deadline.