Bristol County Savings Bank Endowed Fund for Study Abroad

Through the generosity of the Bristol County Savings Bank Charitable Foundation, the Bristol County Savings Bank Endowed Fund for Study Abroad Scholarship benefits a student or students making satisfactory progress toward an undergraduate degree and planning to spend a summer or semester studying outside of the United States as part of their academic program. For questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, you may contact the individual below:
Michael Sandy, Director
Study Abroad

Supplemental Questions
  1. Full name of Study Abroad Program
  2. Location of Study Abroad Program.
  3. Program start and end dates.
  4. Have you been accepted to your study abroad program?
  5. If you have already been accepted, please attach your letter of acceptance.
  6. Provide appropriate information to fully describe your plans for your study abroad experience. Why have you selected this particular program?
  7. Why are you undertaking a study abroad experience at this time? What do you expect to achieve personally and academically through this program?
  8. How does this study abroad experience relate to your field of study at Bridgewater State University, your career goals and your personal goals?
  9. What are the estimated costs associated with your experience (transportation, tuition, room and board, other?) Why are you applying for this scholarship?
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