Bridgewater Alumni Association Scholarship

The Bridgewater Alumni Association Scholarship is open to sophomores, juniors and seniors who will be returning to BSU in the fall of the upcoming academic year. However, seniors must be at BSU for the full academic year. Students will have demonstrated community leadership and have met the award criteria established by the Alumni Association’s Scholarship Committee. Students who have transferred from Massachusetts Community Colleges, Dean College or Quincy College are eligible to apply.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you transferring to BSU from one of the following schools?
  2. Do you live:
  3. How do you plan to stay connected to BSU after graduation?
  4. Please request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member, administrator or employer. Please notify that person of your request and to expect an email from BSU. You are responsible for ensuring the letter of recommendation is submitted by the deadline to complete your application for review.